October 25-28, 2017
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October 25-28, 2017


In the opinion of experts in the culinary arts, cocina de autor, or ucuisine d’auteur, is likened to a laboratory where chefs allow their creativity to flow freely, creating unique dishes in their own signature style.

In the words of our chefs, cocina de autor requires research, meticulousness and imagination to capture the environment and interpret it in each dish. It is in this manner that they create a free and relaxed gastronomic experience; one that reflects the culture and surroundings in flavors, aromas and textures that reach diners in every fiber of their being.

Cocina de Autor is a sensorial and whimsical experience; it is creativity that invents, without reinterpreting popular classics.


More than a restaurant, Cocina de Autor is a Grand Velas concept; a sensorial dining experience that began at Grand Velas Riviera Maya, offering a culinary tour that reflects the culture and life around us.

The restaurant has been awarded Five Diamonds by the AAA, guided by Bruno Oteiza, Mikel Alonso, Xavi Pérez and Nahúm Velasco. This team of creative minds invites you to enjoy the most creative and avant-garde dining experience, with a 12-course tasting menu inspired by the delicacies of the Mexican Caribbean.


Host Chef
Nahúm Velasco

From a young age, cuisine has always held a special meaning for Chef Velasco, and he has worked closely with chefs Xavier Pérez Stone, Mikel Alonso and Bruno Oteiza to lead Cocina de Autor restaurant at Grand Velas Riviera Maya. Here, he continues the evolution, creativity, respect for ingredients, polishing of technique, and above all, demonstrating his passion for his calling.

Mikel Alonso

Innovative and modern, Mikel creates dishes that exalt contemporary Mexican cuisine. His experience was forged alongside two culinary icons: Luis Irizar and Juan Mari Arzak. Today, he is the co-owner of Biko restaurant, listed among San Pellegrino’s “World’s Best 50 Restaurants”.

Bruno Oteiza

A member of the Académie Culinaire De France, Chef Oteiza’s cuisine is based on products that come from the earth. He co-owns Biko restaurant with Mikel Alonso and is also one of the founders of Cocina de Autor at Grand Velas Riviera Maya.

Xavier Pérez Stone

After working as Executive Sous Chef of the Hotel Royal Pedregal, and then Alaia, where his restlessness for innovation began, Chef Pérez joined restaurant Biko with Mikel Alonso and Bruno Oteiza and later became one of the leaders of Cocina de Autor at Grand Velas Riviera Maya. He has also received titles such as "Best Chef in Mexico" in 2012 and won Iron Chef Canada in 2014.

Guest Chef
Sidney Schutte

Chef Schutte's Dutch heritage and passion for travel enhanced his palate and inspired him to combine various exciting world flavors in each dish. He gained vast experience in prestigious kitchens throughout Europe and Asia, and has been recognized as "SVH Meesterkok", the highest award a chef can receive in the Netherlands. Today, he is the leader of Cocina de Autor restaurant at Grand Velas Los Cabos.

Guest Chef
Josean Alija

In 2011 he became Executive Chef of restaurant Nerua Guggenheim Bilbao; recipient of one Michelin Star, 3 suns in the Guía Repsol, and named among "The World's 100 Best Restaurants" by Restaurant magazine. Chef Alija has been recognized as “Prix du Chef de L’Avenir” by the International Academy of Gastronomy, “Best International Chef” by Identitá Golose and received the Conceptual Innovation Award.