Guacamania is a festival dedicated to the avocado, a fruit of indisputable relevance to the Mexican culture that exceeded culinary boundaries to establish itself as a key ingredient in an extended variety of dishes, cocktails, and treatments due to its nutritional value, rejuvenating properties and extraordinary flavor..

Love blossoms from the flavor: experience an explosion of sensations for your palate with every dish created by our acclaimed chefs, with avocado as the exclusive protagonist.

The “Savor” experience includes special menus, interactive cuisine and much more.

The collection of Spa treatments and massages created by Velas Resorts use the rejuvenating and hydrating properties of avocado to soothe your senses and renew your physical and mental state.

A gift for the soul.

The deepest secrets of this exotic fruit are unveiled by our expert mixologists, who offer a variety of cocktails that will astound your senses and change your perception of the avocado.

The millenary techniques and the healing properties of Mexico’s green treasure have established an essential part of our contemporary culture since ancient times. All of the benefits of the avocado tree are taught in dynamic workshops that explore the origins of the cult of this fruit.

The madness comes to your house! Enjoy from the comfort of your home the exotic texture and delicious flavor of the avocado with the exquisite recipes shared by our acclaimed chefs.

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