Culinary Project Recipes

Velas Resort is kicking off its first edition of the Culinary Project, led by Chef Michel Mustière, Corporate Culinary Director. Every month, the Executive Chefs of all specialty restaurants will be representing their creativity and passion in one dish, to

maintain and advance the avant garde cuisine that characterizes the resorts.


  • Rib Eye with Black Stuffing Sauce

Chef Mario López- Chaká restaurant

As part of the Culinary Project, the Executive Chefs of Grand Velas Riviera Maya are sharing these exclusive recipes.



For the black stuffing sauce

200 g chicken wings

300 ml white chicken stock

50 g pure black recado

30 g fresh masa dough

100 g white onion

100 g roma tomatoes

2 g epazote

3 g cilantro

20 g garlic

To Plate

Tortilla powder to taste

25 g cambray onions

5 g de grilled corn

1 boiled quail egg

2 chapulín grasshoppers

1 acocil shrimp

Watermelon radish to taste

1 grilled baby bell pepper

2 sorrel leaves

2 g pea sprouts

For white lima bean purée

150 g pork head meat

100 g white lima beans

3 g epazote

50 g white onion

2 g fine salt

For the rib eye

250 g rib eye steak

1 g fine salt

1 g ground black pepper

5 ml vegetable oil

For the tortilla powder

5 blue corn tortillas

1 gr salt



For the black stuffin sauce

Brown the wings with the garlic and chopped onions; add the chopped tomato and cook covered over low heat until the meat has fallen completely off the bones. Add the chicken stock, epazote and cilantro; cook over low heat to allow the flavors to combine. Dilute the black recado in a little chicken stock and mix with the sauce. Add the masa dough to thicken; once the sauce has reduced, season and strain.

For the white lima bean purée

Cook the beans in water with salt, epazote, chopped onion and pork head meat. Once cooked, remove the pork and epazote. Blend the rest of the ingredients. Adjust the flavor and texture if necessary, by adding a little salt and some of the cooking liquid.

For the rib eye

Season the steak with salt, pepper and vegetable oil; grill to desired doneness. Rest for several minutes.

For the tortilla powder

Allow the tortillas to air dry for about 2 hours before preparing, in order to eliminate all moisture. Toast in the oven for 15 minutes (taking care not to burn them). Remove from oven, grind with salt and reserve.

To plate

Place the rib eye on a plate and cover half of it with the black stuffing sauce. Add the tortilla powder to one side, then add drops of the bean purée around the rib eye, using a piping bag or squeeze bottle. Poach the cambray onion, cut in half lengthwise and grill. Decorate the dish with petals of grilled onion,

the grilled corn, boiled quail egg, chapulin grasshoppers, acocil shrimp, slices of watermelon radish, grilled baby bell pepper, pea sprouts and sorrel leaves.



  • The Versatility of the Apple

Chef Nahúm Velasco – Cocina de Autor restaurant



For the sorbet

250 g water

25 g dextrose

180 g sugar

4 g neutro for sorbets

10 g fresh basil

10 g celery

500 g green apple

For the transparency

100 g green apple

10 g lyo green apple

5 g xylitol

10 g sugar

0.3 g ascorbic acid

To plate

4 green apples

2 g lyo green apple

2 g lyo raspberry

4 edible flowers



For the sorbet

In a pan, mix the water, dextrose, sugar and neutro until it reaches a syrup-like consistency. Cook to a temperature of 85° C, remove from heat and allow to cool. Add the apple, celery and basil. Blend to a smooth consistency. Allow to rest and make a sorbet using an ice cream machine. Store in the freezer.

For the transparency

Peel the apples and reserve the skins. Juice and blend with the lyo apple, xylitol, sugar and ascorbic acid. Strain and reserve.

To plate

Finely slice the apple, place in the transparency and run in a cycle in the sous vide machine. Make cones with each slice and reserve. Place a scoop of the sorbet on a plate, and build a dome over it with the cones of apple, until the surface is completely covered. Decorate with the edible flowers and lyo raspberries and apples.


Cocina de autor-The Versatility of the apple