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November 22-26, 2017

A week dedicated to finding physical and emotional balance, with activities and workshops guided by experts in the world of wellbeing.

  • Aqua Forza
  • Body-toning exercises
  • Dancing classes
  • Yoga and meditation classes
  • Mandala classes
  • Cook like a Wok Star
  • Healthy cooking
  • Ayurvedic dinner
  • The Art of Transformation
  • Aromatherapy
  • Connect with your body, mind and spirit throughout this journey.

    Activities mentioned here are just part of the program, and are subject to change without notice.



    Ana Paula Domínguez

    Founder and director of the Mexican Institute of Yoga, and a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor, Ana Paula Domínguez studied the traditional system of Indian medicine (Ayurveda) in India and the United States, under the guidance of Dr. Vasant Lad. She has written several books is currently a facilitator for the "Harmonizer Program" of the PeaceEarth Foundation, with the UNESCO.

    Diana Mestre

    An internationally renowned expert with over 35 years of experience in the Spa industry, particularly in the fields of hospitality, bioscience design and development. Diana Mestre has a degree in Premedical Biology from the Polytechnical Institute of California where she graduated with honors. She is the owner and director of Mestre & Mestre Spa & Wellness Consulting and has worked on over 50 projects in leading companies and resorts throughout Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America. She is a member of the Spa Consulting Initiative Task Force by the International Wellness Institute and she participated in the book Harmony + Serenity + Balance: Spectacular Spas of Mexico.

    Eleanor Hoh

    Born in Canton, China, Wok Star Eleanor Hoh is a cooking teacher, blogger and presenter. Cooking sparks fond memories of cooking with her mom and sisters, and conversations around the dining table, a legacy she wants to pass onto students. Currently, Eleanor gives cooking classes in South Florida. Because there are so many misconceptions about the type of wok and stove to use, the stir-fry technique and ingredients, she put together a Wok Star Kit with those 4 elements. The most rewarding part of what she does is hearing success stories from people who say her approach to cooking changed their lives.

    Jorge Lupercio

    A teacher certified in Hatha Yoga by Yoga Alliance, Jorge Lupercio has a Master’s Degree in Integral Yoga, received in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is also a yoga instructor endorsed by the International Yoga Federation and a representative in Mexico of AESE (Association of Spiritual Healers of Spain). Together with Sandro Cruz, he directs the Narayana Yoga Studio in Guadalajara, Mexico and participated in yoga, self-knowledge and Buddhism workshops in Madrid, Spain, New York, San Francisco and Miami, as well as a vegetarian cooking workshop with renowned chef Miguel Bautista.

    Juan Licerio

    Born in Durango, Mexico, with a successful two-decade career, His culinary knowledge ranges from Mexican to European and Asian. He has also spent time honing his skills in molecular gastronomy and healthy lifestyle cuisine, tailoring meals for specific diet-dependent conditions and for specific regimes such as macrobiotic, raw and vegan diets. He has also managed the Food and Beverage departments of prominent hotels. Today he is the Executive Chef of the new Grand Velas Los Cabos.

    Karina Velasco

    Karina Velasco one of the most delightful authors of self-help literature, and began her studies of energy and spirituality at the age of seven. She is the author of the bestsellers "From Point A to Point G", "The Art of the Healthy Life", "The Colors of Love", "The Art of Transformation" and "Sacred Sex". She has taught courses in nutrition, cooking, yoga, consciousness and sexuality, and given lectures in Germany, Australia and New Zealand. She is certified as a Naturist Chef by the Natural Gourmet Institute; certified as a Health Coach in Integrative Nutrition in New York (2008); and graduated as a yoga teacher in Sivananada, India and Yoga Works in Los Angeles.

    Ledia Cámara

    An established leader in the hospitality industry with 17 years of experience (13 of thoseyears dedicated to Spa management). Ledia Cámara has had an extensive career and specializes in clinical aromatherapy, elaboration of natural cosmetic products, and cosmetology. She has directed five of the most recognized and award-winning Spas in Mexico. Today, she leads the SE Spa and Spa Atelier Project at Grand Velas Los Cabos, where she shares her knowledge of aromatherapy, meditation and energetic cleansing through ancestral practices, professional facial care and natural cosmetics.


    An international fitness personality and adventure traveler. With 360,000+ combined social media followers and over 300 million views on YouTube, she combines her love of health and fitness with her intense interest in worldwide travel. Originally from England, her mission is to help one feel their best every single day by bringing them the very latest in workout videos, nutrition and lifestyle tips. She is a wellness coach and trainer for highly popular online fitness programs such as XHIT, XF Extreme Fitness and GymRa.

    Sandro Cruz

    A chef in progression with experience in international, ayurvedic and signature cuisine, learned at the DeRosè school in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2010, he represented the renowned Mexican restaurant Taquería del Alamillo at the Madrid Fusión event. He has appeared on different television programs to share cooking and yoga tips, and since 2010, has prepared an Ayurvedic dinner open to the public, at his Yoga Narayana studio in Guadalajara. He is a teacher of integral yoga and swasthya yoga, endorsed by the International Yoga Federation, and represents, alongside Jorge Lupercio, the Association of Spiritual Healers of Spain.


    Here are the experiences that will help you feel renewed from head to toe.

    7:00 a.m. YogaAzul TerraceAna Paula Dominguez YogaPool Deck 1Ana Paula Domínguez
    8:00 a.m. Aqua ForzaPool 1Aqua Forza Aqua ForzaPool 1Aqua Forza ABSAzul TerraceRebecca Louise Grow your glutes and thigh thinner workout Azul TerraceRebecca Louise Yoga en AlbercaPool 1Aqua Forza
    10:00 a.m. Mandala WorkshopSpa Atelier Cinthya Barahona Ceremonial Smudging:An Ancient Practice for Energy CleansingSpa AtelierLedia Cámara V Free Dance (Conscious Movement Workshop) Azul TerraceKarina Velasco Giant MandalaCentral GardenActivities Staff Juice TherapyAzul TerraceJuan Licerio
    11:00 a.m. Juice TherapyAzul TerraceJuan Licerio
    12:00 p.m. From Stress to Calm ConferenceSpa AtelierLedia Cámara Create your Own Perfume with AromatherapySpa AtelierLedia Cámara Practicing Facial CareSpa AtelierLedia Cámara DIY Ayurvedic Body ScrubsSpa AtelierLedia Cámara
    1:00 p.m. Healthy Heart Cooking ClassAzul TerraceJuan Licerio Cook Like a Wok StarAzul TerraceEleanor Hoh A Typical One-Dish MealAzul TerraceEleanor Hoh How to Poach Fish in a WokAzul TerraceEleanor Hoh Macrobiotic CuisineAzul TerraceJuan Licerio
    4:00 p.m. Facial Care ConferenceSpa AtelierLedia Cámara The Art of TransformationSpa AtelierKarina Velasco The Map of HappinesSpa AtelierAna Paula Domínguez Dreamcatcher WorkshopSpa AtelierActivities Staff Aromatic Medicine KitAtelierLedia Cámara
    5:00 p.m. Wellnessing ConferenceSpa AtelierDiana Mestre Full Body TonePool 1 DeckRebecca Louise YogaPool 1Aqua Forza
    7:00 p.m. Buddhist MeditationBeachSandro Cruz and Jorge Lupercio MeditationThe art of transformationSandro Cruz and Jorge Lupercio Meditation in Giant LabyrinthCentral GardenSandro Cruz and Jorge Lupercio MeditationBeachSandro Cruz and Jorge Lupercio MeditationBeachSandro Cruz and Jorge Lupercio
    8:00 p.m. Specialty DinnerGourmet Restaurant Specialty DinnerGourmet Restaurant Specialty DinnerGourmet Restaurant Ayurvedic DinnerAzul TerraceSandro Cruz and Jorge Lupercio Specialty DinnerGourmet Restaurant
    Please arrive 10 minutes before each activity.


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